Parish Mission Statement

Jesus Christ said to St. Philip the Apostle,

"Come follow Me.

As members of the parish community of St. Philip's, we seek to live as disciples of the Lord by living our faith through service to others. 

Based on a strong faith, a guided hope and a well rooted love, we encourage all to walk that journey with Christ with humility and courage.


Altar Servers serve God by serving the Priest at Mass. They must learn the various parts of the Mass, which items are needed on the altar and when. They must know the liturgical season and what to expect. This group of young students must be members of St. Philip’s and be in grades 5-12. They have to come to one of the training sessions which will be held over the summer. If you love the Eucharist and want to serve the Lord at Mass, then come and join the Altar Servers. 

If you are interested in becoming an Altar Server, please call the Parish office at 717-872-2166.

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