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Buildings and Grounds was established by Father Weiss to provide skilled, technical advice on construction, renovations, maintenance and general building upkeep for St. Philip’s Parish.

The committee tries to meet on a regular basis, September through June (usually once a month).

They are comprised of a variety of skills and talents that include an architect, a builder, a project manager, an electrician, and teachers and instructors of the trade.  They meet and discuss the needs of St. Philip’s, the feasibility of certain projects, and technical implications and strategies.  They also help prioritize the projects.  They have advised on the bathroom renovations, the lighting upgrades in the church and school as well as the upper and lower parking lot lights.  They are an informal group with no officers, or minutes per se but they are an invaluable asset to the church.  They are guided by the combined wisdom, knowledge and expertise of the group as a whole.   If you have a specialty that might benefit the church in this advisory capacity, contact Fr. Sherdel.