CMG is the liturgical worship ensemble that was formed in June 2017, when we were revamping the music at our Sunday 11:30am Mass. Since then, we have been singing more from contemporary songwriters such as Ricky Manalo, Matt Maher, Sarah Hart, Chris Tomlin, Lauren Daigle, Jeremy Riddle…and groups like Hillsong Worship, Elevation Worship, Passion, Sidewalk Prophets, North Point InsideOut…all while not throwing out our hymnals.

Heard something good and want to make sure I hear it too? Send the music director a song through Spotify.

Contrary to popular belief, the letters “CMG” don’t actually stand for anything. It would be natural to assume it’s short for Contemporary Music Group. If not that, maybe Catholic Mass Goers. Or at least Christ-Minded Guitfiddlers. But no, it’s just CMG. CMG follows in the footsteps of its predecessor at 11:30am Mass, the Folk Group, which previously accompanied Sunday liturgies for 15 years. Darlene Berchin, having since entered into eternal life, was one holdover from the Folk Group who became a founding member of CMG. Her inspiration lives on as we proceed with her memory — and her bass amp, if anybody would like to plug and play. If we are to bring new life to our liturgy, we must allow the Holy Spirit to act through us. Therefore, CMG is open to musicians and singers of any age, experience or skill level.

Membership is at the discretion of the pastor and/or director of music. Anybody interested in getting involved should email Steve Sauer at or reach him through the Parish Office.