“We have gifts that differ according to the grace given us.”     – Romans 12:6

Every time the community gathers be it a social or religious event God is in the midst of his people. We come with different gifts ready to share with those we encounter. Sometimes the gift is hospitality, or joy, or compassion, or the gift of listening, or sharing. Whatever gift you have, be sure to come into the presence of others with a willing heart to share that gift. We are more likely to let the barrier down in a social setting and hence the gifts and graces truly and freely flow from the Spirit and minister to the souls of those around us or they to us. If you are not already a member in a group, join one that you have a common interest and see how the family of God comes together in unity and harmony. Step out in faith and you will be stepping up spiritually. We invite you to call and inquire about any of the organizations and ministries at St. Philips. We welcome all into our family.