The Sacrament of Confirmation

Preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation is a two-year process that begins in Grade 7. Youth may do their preparation in a Catholic School, in the parish religious education program, or at home with an approved Catholic Confirmation preparation text. Due to the importance of this final sacrament of initiation, students must attend class on a regular basis in both Grade 7 and Grade 8. Students study the life of Jesus and of the Church in Grade 7, and in Grade 8, they focus more intensely on the sacrament of Confirmation.

Parents play an integral role in the preparation for Confirmation. It is essential that they share their faith with their children and so be an example of living out their Catholic identity.

Parental aspects of the Confirmation preparation process include:

  • Bringing their child to Mass on weekends and all Holy Days of Obligation
  • Participation with their child in a Rite of Welcome during Eucharistic devotions
  • Assuring their child’s regular attendance at class
  • Developing their own prayer life and sharing that life with their child
  • Receiving the sacrament of Penance on a regular basis
  • Attendance at a mandatory parent/candidate meeting
  • Assisting with retreat
  • Guiding their child in selecting a sponsor and Confirmation name
  • Reviewing the saint report/project
  • Supporting their child in completing service projects and a service journal
  • Completing all paperwork on time
  • Bringing their child to the Confirmation interview

Youth to be confirmed are expected to :

  • Attend Mass and hand in bulletins every week
  • Receive the Sacrament of Penance sometime in the weeks before Confirmation
  • Develop and maintain a prayer life
  • Participate regularly and fully in class
  • Complete service hours and journal, a saint report/project, and any class assignments
  • Choose carefully a sponsor and a Confirmation name (based on the saint report/project)
  • Attend a Confirmation retreat
  • Prepare for and attend a Confirmation interview with the pastor